ADD & ASD Kids drug free

Ways to address ASD, ADD and ADHD without medication

Dr Michael Sichel DO ND PhD

Generally, I do not believe in precisely labelling a child publicly, how would you like to be labelled? It can be too complex and confrontational and unfairly mark the child for life, but it is helpful in the clinical situation and for interaction with other practitioners.

We hear ODD, ADHD, PDD, ADD, NOS, OCD, NOS - as well as Asperger’s, Autism and Retts – referring to these children like an item on a shopping list.  “Johnny has ASD,” or “Johnny is an Alphabet kid” which would you prefer?  And so the Alphabet Kids were born!

Our mission is to share relevant naturopathic science that clearly shows you can safely help restore the damage to children in an often more economical and less invasive fashion than many apparently sophisticated medical, drug-prescribed methods.

The function of this website is to educate families, carers, practitioners and professionals through our publications, DVD’s, articles, links to research papers and in-depth studies plus many case histories.  It also provides an online shop for natural products sourced worldwide to assist in the process of modifying or minimising Alphabet Kid behaviours. 

That's the really good news, many of these behaviours are being reversed and cured - without drugs.

The food industry and ignorance add to the worldwide endemic problem of these. Changing what and when you feed your children is a huge step to reversing the effects of toxic poisoning.

Knowledge is power.  Please, for the sake of kids needlessly suffering, be inquisitive.  Discover the truths from the myths. The facts from the fiction.

If you are a parent or carer- empower yourself to challenge your medical advisor and discuss natural alternatives.

If you are a practitioner, educate yourself to the scientifically proven biomedical methods.

Tens of thousands of children have been rehabilitated and have recovered - naturally.  Hundreds of millions  of kids worldwide continue to be drug dependent with no hope of recovery. But there is hope now.